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NTRH0912E6 Nortel Multi I/O Dual Ethernet Cable 10ft IPE Platforms (подержанный)

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Multi I/O cable NTRH0912

Used with 201i/202i servers, a multi I/O cable presents 2 network intefaces, and one RS-232 port, from an IPE slot 50-pin Amphenol (RJ-21). The standard cable is approximately 3 m (10 ft) long. If you need a longer length, use a RJ-45 female-to-female adapter to attach an additional CAT5 cable. A maximum length of 76 meters (250ft) is supported. Alternatively, you can use the pin diagram below to construct your own!

COM1 - 9 (RI)1641COM1 - 1 (DCD)
COM1 - 2 (RXD)1742COM1 - 3 (TXD)
COM1 - 4 (DTR)1843COM1 - 5 (GND)
COM1 - 6 (DSR)1944COM1 - 7 (RTS)
COM1 - 8 (CTS)2045
ELAN - 3 (RX+)2146ELAN - 6 (RX-)
ELAN - 1 (TX+)2247ELAN - 2 (TX-)
CLAN - 3 (RX+)2348CLAN - 6 (RX-)
CLAN - 1 (TX+)2449CLAN - 2 (TX-)
Multi I/O cable NTRH0912
Multi I/O cable NTRH0912 - Source Avaya.com

Construction Notes:

  • Shield braid at amphenol connects to shields on COM1 & LANs
  • COM1 is a shielded serial cable with male DB-9 end, its purpose is to connect to a modem for remote access.
  • ELAN and CLAN are shielded ethernet cables with RJ-45 ends. Both have a ferrite bead on the RJ-45 end, and both go through a single ferrite bead at the amphenol end.
  • If the modem port is not required: in lieu of an NTRH0912, simply cut the end off a network patch cable, and punch the Orange and Green pairs to RJ-21/BIX pairs 21 & 22 (ELAN), or 23 & 24 (CLAN).
  • Shields and ferrite beads are your friends! They prevent RF interference both emanating from, and causing trouble to, your electronic devices. Shields also mitigate crashes due to electrostatic discharge.

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